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Transform the World by Transforming Yourself
Purnam Centre for Integrality offers high quality transformative educational courses in light of the vision of Integral Education as laid out by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Inspired by the Auroville Dream, at Purnam, we create transformational learning communities where learners are able to grow and develop integrally while being in contact with their souls.  Our students learn through action. Our courses harness the power of community.

Join Our Flagship Courses



Find Your True Calling

Whether you are thinking of a gap year, are currently in college, or find yourself at a crossroads, we invite you to follow the call. You will be immersed in a transformative learning journey. Together, we will explore how to align your personal quest with working for a more awakened world.

A 5-Week Journey

Savitri Painting

Paint Your Soul

A quiet method to move inward into greater depths of your being through art, music and poetry. It is a means of sensing your soul movements and expressing them through painting.

A 5-Week Journey



The Study of Self

Whether you are interested in working on yourself, intrigued by the works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother or willing to explore the foundations of integral yoga psychology, we invite you to follow the call.

A 6-Week Journey

“We do not belong to the past dawns, but to the noons of the future.”

- Sri Aurobindo


Join Our Practice Labs

Our practitioners are creating Practice Labs to Transform Themselves

with the Power of Sangha

Purnam Labs Login Image.png

A drop of practice is better than an ocean of theories, advice and good resolutions.


However, making a transformational practice into a habit is tough. Despite habit trackers and motivational content, we fail. Our Practice Labs are designed to change this by leveraging the power of sangha for self-transformation.

The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time

In a world of harsh competition and rapidly evolving disruptive technologies, individuals and institutions are under increasing pressure to adapt, or perish. This has created a degenerative and self-destructive global culture that is breaking down our relationships with Nature, society, and self resulting in ecological, economic, and psychological crises at a systemic level. However, attempts to solve these challenges are largely done through economic and technological interventions.

The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.


We are not merely facing an economic or technological problem but the challenge of transforming our psychological nature for an integral living in which Nature, society and self are in harmony with each other. Then only our god-like technologies can support the wellbeing of the planet and its people and serve our collective evolution. This is the fundamental challenge of our time and Purnam is pioneering transformative learning for an integral living.

Purnam Centre for Integrality
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