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Purnam Bulletin Archive

Our Monthly Newsletter

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The Purnam Bulletin has been our monthly Newsletter since August 2020 when it first started out as the Swadharma Bulletin (Swadharma being one of Purnam's flagship courses). It was created to showcase all the rich happenings and offerings in the Swadharma community and also to create a shared sense of a community - a sangha, all aspiring for a different way of life, in alignment with their highest truth.

Since then it has evolved into the Purnam Bulletin, where we cover the entire range of activities in the vibrant Purnam Community which has a large alumni network across many courses and practice labs. It is our attempt to share with the world the joy of evolving with the community and invite others to join us as well through various opportunities, courses and programmes. On this page, you will find all the past issues of the bulletin.

A Labour of Love

The Purnam Bulletin has always been a volunteer-run project, selflessly created with love by the Purnam Alumni as an offering to the larger community. We are truly grateful for all the contributions of these beautiful souls.

Bulletin Archive




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