2-day Confluence on Reimagining Univers-city

Why Reimagine?



The Fire of Evolution

In a world of accelerating technological evolution individuals and collectives are increasingly under pressure to evolve and adapt. Education is no more limited to children and youth but has become a lifelong process for everyone to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. Such a learning, naturally, must be self-driven and this is possible only when the evolutionary fire within each individual is kindled. The present education system cast in the mould of industrial mass production methods ignores the true individual. Discovering the evolutionary fire within demands a radical re-imagination of the present education in its totality.


Learning Society

If education is to continue throughout life, then all activities and institutions of life must be consciously recognised and reorganised as contexts for learning. This demand us to reimagine the very notion of university if it is to embrace all contexts of human life from birth to death. It has to be a learning society that is at once a university as well as a city where the full complexity of human life is experimented upon in live-in laboratories. All social institutions and process, from science to technology, from arts to culture, from governance to economy, from families to workplaces, from birth to death, are to be reimagined into living laboratories to give birth to a new society, a new humanity.



Auroville is a bold step in this direction, a prototype in the making, a live-in laboratory of transformational learning and research. According to the Auroville Charter: Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual human unity. Even after 50 years, children of Auroville are still going out after their schooling for higher education. At the same time, thousands of interns, volunteers & researchers who come to Auroville rarely touch the deeper dimension of Auroville. This brings into focus the need to organise higher education opportunities within Auroville.




Auroville as an integral learning campus


Transformational learning pedagogy


Growth of long-term  learning programmes in Auroville


From traditional universities to integral learning campuses


In the past two years, many programmes have emerged. These programmes address the need to provide a facilitated learning experience deeply rooted in the values and vision of Auroville. Their success is an indication and demonstration of what can be done. Auroville already has rich human resource. What is lacking is facilitated programmes with specific domain focus enabling the integral development of the learner. 


Purpose of the confluence is to bring into focus the emerging future of Auroville as a place of higher education. We are not proposing any new university in Auroville instead what we are bringing in is the idea that Auroville as a whole is already a new kind of universal city, a univers-city, a learning society. We want to bring to focus the higher education aspect so that in coming few years we will have more of well structured long- term higher education programmes in Auroville for Auroville youth and the youth of the world.



Date & Place 

Feb 26th - 27th 2019 | Auroville



Reimagining Univers-city, development of long term learning programmes in Auroville, understanding challenges and finding breakthroughs.


About the Organizers

Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) is the Department of Further Learning of SAIIER, Auroville. SAIIER coordinates most of the educational activities in Auroville and ACI focuses on developing higher education.

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