A Regenerative Centre for Mental Health Care 

Challenges Within

Do you find yourself struggling with your thoughts and the mind?

Do you feel like being caught up in a spiral of emotions?

Do you feel unloved, uncared and burdensome when with close ones? Do you feel stuck with unhelpful habits?

Are you an inspiration for others but still find yourself struggling in personal life?

Are you a seeker or an aspirant who is on the 'road not taken' and find it difficult to adjust with others?


If you find yourself entangled in any of these life situations, you are not alone.

We are here to help...

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What We Offer

We provide professional counselling and psychotherapy for issues ranging from adjustment related difficulties; sadness; anger; anxiety; fearful thinking; existential crisis etc.




Adjustment difficulties

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Existential crisis

Our Approach

We use the framework of Integral Psychology of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother along with Cognitive Behaviour therapies as per the need and preference of the clients.

Our View of Mental Health

We see health as a unified organization of various parts of a being in an individual. It has a cognitive (mental), an emotional (vital), bodily (physical) as well as a spiritual (psychic) aspect which together form the whole of human behaviour.









Poor mental health is an outcome of disharmony in various parts of the being. There is some disorganization within, which leads to emotional disturbances like uncontrollable anger, persistent sadness or fears within an individual. What we see as problems in adjustment at personal, social, and occupational fronts are the symptoms of this underlying disharmony. What we experience as a crisis is truly an opportunity for transformation.


The sessions will be held online as per the mutual convenience of the client and the therapist. We offer chat based as well as online face-to-face facilitation.



The first appointment is free. You can book your first appointment using the button below.

From the next session onwards, the fee is charged depending on whether you are a student or a working professional.

Integral Psychology

Evolving Beings

Integral Psychology views humans as evolving beings. There is no need to ‘fit in’ external standards as everything is on a peddle of transformation in present day society. The very need to look within and understand one’s true nature is where integral psychology guides us in a more practical way. We derive practices which suit our nature based on self-reflection, self-understanding and self-transformation.

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Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Sri Aurobindo gave the vision, processes, and methods of Integral Yoga, which is a living philosophy of all his works. Mirra Alfassa, fondly known as The Mother was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo. Integral Yoga is a way to liberate man's consciousness and transform one's nature.

Meet The Team

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Pooja Varshney

Clinical Psychologist
& Counsellor

Hello, I am Pooja Varshney. I am a clinical psychologist (RCI) based in Auroville, India. I have experience of working in child, adolescent and adult mental health in hospital setting.

​Having an academic training in western perspectives with an ongoing experiential learning of Integral Psychology enables me to view mental health, healing, and suffering through a living lens of growth and transformation.

I see crisis as an opportunity which spotlights a part of our consciousness requiring more light, which when held consciously leads us to inner and outer progress.

Most mental health problems in the present day world are a product of disengagement with one's true self and confusion of our true purpose amidst all chaos of finding and looking for a right mould  for oneself.


Harpreet Kaur

Counselling Psychologist
& Volunteer 

Hello! I am Harpreet, a practicing Counseling Psychologist and Rehabilitation Counselor (RCI) presently residing in New Delhi, India.
I have my education and training in field of Psychology. I have experience working with diverse population with specialisation in working with children, adolescents and their families. I have been carrying out psychological assessments, guidance and counseling services for more than 3 years. 

Integral Yoga Psychology has offered me a potent approach to understand the being at different levels and move towards preferred identities which revolves more closely to our true essence. My healing journey on the path Yoga has also been a ride of experiencing disharmony within self and moving towards a more Integral self.

Through Samatā I aspire to hold a safe and supportive space for my fellow travellers. I enjoy using methods like narrative therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, art and play based mediums in my practice as means to connect closely with our true selves and manifest it in our thoughts, feelings and actions.


"I have taken therapy for a couple of years now but never have I met any psychologist who is available and ready to help whenever you need them. Pooja Ma’am understands that situations I may need help with will arise outside the one hour a week that I meet with her and has been there when I needed someone to just listen or help me.

I took sessions in different time zones as I study in the UK and still it was not that tough to manage it. I worked on several issues including management of emotions and I still am, with her help. I like how she makes me feel heard and like I am important."


"I found her as one of the most enthusiastic and eager to learn from everything, which includes her clients too.

When it's about her clients she is very compassionate and understanding with amazing listening skills. She never leaves any possibilty to provide the best possible help needed in the form of Psychological / therapeutic help. The most important thing, she is a beautiful soul whose presence gives a calming and soothing experience to everyone around."


(The names of the clients have been kept confidential due to ethical reasons)

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