Courses for an Integral Living

Find an inspiring direction in life and restore your relationship with self, society, and Nature. Learn by doing with a rich ecosystem of practitioners re-imagining a new world.



Find Your True Calling

Ages 18 - 30

5 Weeks


Whether you are thinking of a gap year, are currently in college, or find yourself at a crossroads, we invite you for an adventure of self-discovery! Find how to align your personal quest with the transformation of the world and learn to move towards fulfilling the purpose of your life.

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The Study of Self

Ages 20+

8 Weeks


Whether you want to know and transform yourself or intrigued by the works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother or willing to explore the foundations of integral yoga psychology, we invite you to follow the call. Svadhyaya is a beginners-level course to know yourself and to develop personalised transformational practices. In this course, you will also learn how to study the vast body integral knowledge developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.



Become an Integral Changemaker

Ages 18+

12 Weeks


This course is for you:

  • If you want social transformation but are perplexed by the complexity of the world and are unable to take effective action; 

  • If you want spiritual growth but at the same time want to embrace the world of action.

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Savitri Painting

Paint Your Soul

Ages 18+

4 Weeks


Savitri Painting is a method to move inward into greater depths of your being through art, music and poetry. It is a means of sensing your soul movements and expressing them through painting. This is an opportunity to learn to see the unfolding of your soulscape and further refining your aesthetic sense.