Integrate Self & Social Change

12-week online course  |  2020 Nov 23 to 2021 Feb 13 | Age 18 to 60

If you want social transformation but are perplexed by the complexity of the world and are unable to take effective action;

If you want spiritual growth but at the same time want to embrace the world of action;

Admission closing on 15th November

Attempting social transformation without the necessary spiritual foundations makes society into a soulless market place destroying itself and its ecosystem. On the other hand, withdrawing from society to attempt spiritual growth without its application in the social transformation is incomplete and ineffective. 

How do you avoid the extremes of the marketplace and the monastery? 

We invite you to a middle ground to be a progressive citizen embracing the entire complexity of life and turn them into a means of social and inner transformation.

  • Dates: 23 Nov 2020 - 13 Feb 2021

  • Duration: 12 weeks online (Mon & Thu 19:00 - 20:30 IST, 3hrs of regular sessions, Wed & Sat 19 to 20:00 IST, 2 hrs of optional sessions)

Basic Requirements
  • ​Knowledge of English Language

  • A basic know-how of Google Drive and Google Sheets & Docs

  • Stable internet connection

  • Willingness to learn simple tools such as Google My Maps, Google Classroom, Canva etc.

Course Fee


Rs 15000 + 18% GST = Rs. 17,700/-

The Core Facilitators

Additionally, topic-specific resource people and experts will be invited for specific sessions.

Click here to watch a short webinar to know more about Prayoga from its facilitators.

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Actions born out of your deepest truth brings forth the right rhythm and process of an integral transformation that is at once psychological and social. However, finding this inner foundation for the right action is a long process but you need not wait till you become perfect in order to engage in social action. Whatever be your field of action, it can be turned into a laboratory, a path for inner growth and its transformative practice, of finding your deepest truth and its creative force that will make you a change agent. It is when the inner and outer transformation goes hand in hand you can enter the path of an integral living that is transformative. While this is a lifelong journey towards your highest creative potential, getting the process right is the starting point and the key to the long term well being of the self, society and Nature. This course is to initiate you on the path of lifelong self-directed growth moving towards your highest creative potential.

Purpose, Path and Practice

Your creative force comes alive when you are inspired. But, unfortunately, the waves of inspiration come in spurts without any rhyme or reason. Even when these waves come they do not last and fade away. You may get plenty of ideas in your mind that are inspiring and you may even start off well on the path only to find later your enthusiasm failing and yourself losing the trail. Repeating cycles of such experience often makes people lose faith in their own dreams and the capacity to accomplish them. Reversing this requires an understanding of your own psychological processes and application of transformational practices to regenerate and make steady your creative force and vision. 

Such a process must be rooted in your own self-born creative force and its process, a gathering of inner sparks of inspiration to form a greater force of action. By its very nature, this process must be agile and iterative, developing in small steps, constantly course-correcting towards an increasing clarity and force of inspired action. The intention of this course is to set in motion such a process that will empower you to walk on your own path led by your own inner wisdom.

It is such a self-designed and constantly course-correcting practice that can lay the path of your progress and over the years, unfold the purpose of your life. It is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-creation that goes hand in hand with your creative and transformative function in society. Thus the key to this course is practice, prayoga, the practical application, that can open your path of progress. The more you walk on the path doing your practice, the more it will give you the visions of your soul’s purpose aligning your inner transformation with your role in social transformation.


Insight, Inspiration and Action

Insights open the doors of inspiration and this is the source of fuel that will grow into a great fire of transformative action. So by sourcing from your own personal insights and self-born force of inspiration our pedagogy is to set you on the path of action, the path of karma yoga, to move forward in life guided by that which is already within you like a force asleep in a seed. 

We invite you to leave behind all your conventional notions of learning and enter a path of radical alternatives where you are willing to trust your own intuitions and have the courage to follow it up in action. It is your faith in your own inner guidance and courage to surrender to its leadership that will determine the pace of your transformative journey. All that you need is faith, courage and sincerity to follow your deepest aspirations.


Inner Space, Personal Space and Social Space

Our role is to help you to explore your own inner space, understand various parts of your psychological being and based on your own findings, take you forward in action in your personal space and then extend it to your social space. All these three spaces flow into each other and your challenge is to integrate them all into a single rhythmic flow of transformative action. It is in these actions true learning and transformation happens that can help you to fine-tune your practices.

The more your actions connect the inner and the outer, the more integral, effective and transformative your everyday life actions become. But this has to be learned, like a child learning to walk, in small steps! What we are offering is to help you listen to your own song and learn to take small steps.  


A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step. 

It is a lifelong iterative process of agile development setting in motion the expanding ripples of integral transformation. 

Course Structure

The course is woven with two modules unfolding concurrently touching both the individual and social or inner and outer transformation.

Module I: Small Steps towards Inner Transformation

No matter how much we may attempt changing our outer situations and systems, unless the human consciousness that is creating these systems shift, it is never a lasting change. To change human consciousness is not easy; so much so that many have given up on the very thought of this possibility. The entire discipline of Economics stands on this assumption, that humans are self-centred and their desires are unlimited. But does it always have to be so? We have seen that humans are capable of evolving from self-centred ego to the soul-centred radiance of self-giving. It is this fundamental evolutionary shift that is the key to integral social transformation.

This module looks at the small daily life practices that enable this shift from ego to the soul in different parts of the being - be it your body, mind, emotions, energy or senses. You will develop practices to evolve:

  1. From doubt and confusion in the mind to clarity and wisdom, 

  2. From attachment, sorrow and depression in our emotions to gentle love for all, 

  3. From ambition, anxiety and anger to the generous and noble power of the soul, 

  4. From impulses, desires and fears to calm enjoyment of life’s riches, 

  5. From laziness, illness and habits in the body to lightness, health and conscious receptivity.

Not just this, you will also learn how to deal with practical aspects of your lives such as money, work, and relationships. All these aspects are connected to the 2nd module: Small Steps towards Social Transformation through a theme of the week, to provide an integral perspective wherein you learn how to view and practice the same theme from an inner and outer perspective.

Module II: Small Steps towards Social Transformation

Your self, society and environment are three aspects of an integral whole. Your work on yourselves translates into work for your society and environment. These are closely correlated and knowing these connections help you to know the larger implications of your everyday life choices and activities. The way you live and your active involvement in your social context is where the change begins. Aware and committed members of our societies have been playing the role of changemakers in their living contexts by using their transformational force and creativity sourced from within.

This module intends to design and develop your social engagement narrative. Guided by your own core values and your sense of purpose in action, you will develop a sound understanding of the nature & scale of issues you are facing. This module will also create opportunities to practice key skills such as comprehension, written and visual communication, proposal design, collaboration and outreach.

You will be diving into some of the key thematic areas of your surrounding living environment which need transformation and each participant will design and test their own intervention. 

We are calling these themes as ‘foundational holistic action fields’.