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Meet the Team

Purnam team consists of a small and stable core team supporting various projects teams largely composed of volunteers from across India. 

Core Team

Divyanshi Chugh is the Founder and Chief Executive of Purnam Centre for Integrality, Auroville - a UNESCO-recognised international city-in-the-making with an intention of "realising human unity".  She designs and facilitates transformative experiential courses for adults based on the integral yoga psychology of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, yogis and seers. She has developed 30+ transformative courses so far and built an active community of more than 1000 student-practitioners. Some of the well-known courses developed by her are Svadhyaya, Swadharma Online, and Savitri Painting. She also coaches student practitioners and co-facilitators to design and facilitate practice-orientated community-based transformative courses, through the Purnam Labs Platform. Divyanshi is a graduate of the University of Oxford and Lady Shri Ram College (University of Delhi). She loves to write poetry, dance, create meditative interior decor, and coach seekers. She is passionate about India's spiritual gift to the world, and through her work, she envisions reviving the spiritual lustre in all aspects of life. 


 Manoj Pavithran is an integral yoga practitioner and educator living in Auroville since 1995. He has been following Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga psychology and its transformational practices since 1989. He is a co-founder of the Purnam Centre for Integrality in Auroville, where he offers transformative educational courses. He has also made a film series called Evolution Fast-forward presenting the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo which can be found at He has authored a book - Pilgrims of the Infinite - in poetic prose capturing the essence of inner transformation.


Surya Ravishankaran, an Alumni of all Purnam courses, is a Lead Facilitator and Head Designer at Purnam. Three years ago, Surya quit his job in the corporate world in pursuit of his inner calling, came to Auroville to participate in Purnam's Swadharma course, and ended up joining Purnam. At Purnam, he has grown exponentially in capacity and within through facilitating groups. He thoroughly enjoys learning through action and holding spaces for the community with love. He is actively involved in video editing, graphic design and content writing. Surya also has a deep love for music and plays the guitar and sings as well.


Palak Dubey is a Lead Facilitator and Operations Manager at Purnam. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineer, currently working with a US-based consulting firm as a Business Associate Consultant. She aspires to live the groundbreaking vision of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in day to day life. She participated in Purnam's course Svadhyaya two years ago, therefrom she has been an active part of transformational community-building.

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​IT Support

Shankar Dhanasekaran is an accidental programmer who is in a perpetual “beta” mode learning new things daily both in his professional and in personal life. He has written a few books on Elixir language and Phoenix framework and has presented trainings and talks in several international tech conferences. At Purnam, he provides support in the design and development of web platform. While not coding, he likes to read books that explores the inner dimensions of life be it a poem, a novel or a sacred text.


Over 50 Selfless Volunteers


The backbone of Purnam Centre for Integrality is the 50+ volunteers from all across India who are selflessly giving themselves to the work in the spirit of service. Our volunteer community is vibrant and active with everyone growing joyously through Karmayoga. Our endless gratitude to all these beautiful souls.

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