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Savitri Art

Sadhana of Painting


A Journey inspired by Sri Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri

Savitri Art emerged from the sacred space of

aspiration for inner and outer perfection. The inner perfection for the reception of the highest essence and the outer perfection for the expression of the beauty in form. 

As participants of Savitri Painting, not professional artists but with a love for painting, we came together with this deep aspiration under the marvellous guidance of Divyanshi, Manoj, and Archana to paint lines from Savitri. We also feel blessed to have been receiving inspiration from Sushanto da, artist from the ashram, Pondicherry. 

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We have been immersing ourselves in the sadhana of painting, with constant guidance and support, taking inspiration from Huta's conversation with the Mother and sacred paintings of some of the sadhaks. We meet online once in a week to paint together while soaking in the power of the collective and share our experience of the week. Number of paintings are made, and at times, multiple paintings of the vision until it embraces a certain level of perfection and expresses the divine beauty. The best 21 paintings were offered at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, on the auspicious beginning of Sri Aurobindo's 150th birth year. 

Now, we are on a journey towards offering our 150 sacred paintings on 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. On this Mahasamadhi day of Sri Aurobindo, December 5, 2021, we have offered our 26 Savitri Paintings at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Here is our humble attempt at compiling them into

a video exhibition:

Savitri Art Webinar  

Listen to the incredible journey and the sadhana of Savitri Art from the sadhaks who poured themselves into the process for almost a year to create the sacred offering of the Savitri Art paintings. 

Transform your spaces with
Savitri Art

A Poet, a Revolutionary and a Sage

Sri Aurobindo

Neither you nor anyone else knows anything at all of my life; it has not been on the surface for men to see.

- Sri Aurobindo

It matters not if there are hundreds of beings plunged in the densest ignorance. He (Sri Aurobindo) whom we saw yesterday is on earth: His presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, when Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth.


– The Mother



"a mantra for the transformation of the world"

Savitri is Sri Aurobindo’s major poetic work of over 24000 lines, an epic, based on a legend from the Mahabharata.

"He (Sri Aurobindo) has crammed the whole universe in a single book. It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection."


– The Mother

Savitri Art Sangha


We could feel the collective aspiration and it’s energy flowing through all of us. Sometimes we painted one line or two. Sometimes we took different lines and painted. And sometimes we took the same line and painted it separately. We met once a week to share our experience of the Sadhana. These sharing circles were deep meditative experiences, and many paintings emerged during our collective practices.


Throughout the journey, I felt like I was being tested for my patience, ego, attachment, sincerity, concentration, surrender, peace, perseverance and perfection, at every step.  As Mother says all work should be done as a sadhana, the Savitri Art became a real Sadhana for me, where my inner Transformation was the only way through which I could complete my paintings. But at the end, I experienced that I was progressing both inward and outward, for which the Divine Mother has given this opportunity.




Savitri Art flowing from Savitri Painting has brought so much joy and sunshine to my life. It was as though I am living in the loving embrace of Savitri. She has held me straight through the ups and downs of my life and nurtured me in ways that I could never imagine. This sadhana of painting took me closer to my soul-space, giving me the taste of self-giving, in every strand of my being to the Divine, to the Divine alone. Deep gratitude for having been chosen to be in this sacred space. 

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I deeply thank the Divine and Savitri painting for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to progress. It was a deep meditative experience I felt during the session. I always ask Mother to guide me and I get the guidance from Her.  Throughout the short journey I felt the energy flowing through me.

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Savitri Art came into my life seemingly first as a faint glimmer and then grew and enraptured me in its luminosity. Now it burns so bright and shows me the way ahead which my mere eyes were unable to see.
The reading and the painting of the lines from Savitri, often is like that of a
tightly wound bud slowly opening, surrendering to the rays that fall on it. In that process, unknowingly learning to open the inner self and thereby blossoming.
Savitri Art brings the
joy of being this blooming flower held by the healing touch of the Divine Grace and spreading the fragrance wide and far beyond.

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The experience of Savitri  Art is like  doing Sadhna with self reflection. With each painting, The Mother helps  us to purify the inner most  vital , mental  and physical parts.

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Painting 'Savitri' has moved me at a very subtle level which I am still discovering as I stay with it. The painting emerges from a deep space of inner connection - starting with the unveiling of a vision to true manifestation on paper. I am able to sense the state of my consciousness as painting creates itself on paper. Savitri painting is a constant reminder to me to be closest to my truest self. It overwhelms me every time as Savitri comes up as a vision first and gently unravels the corresponding lines of poetry in a collective space.  




Guidance for Savitri Art Sangha

When I began Savitri Painting course, I had no intention of birthing artists. The idea was to use music, art and poetry to deepen one’s own sadhana. Today, it is a sheer joy to witness “The Savitri Art Sangha” take birth out of the course, with such sincere sadhikas, not only focusing on the inner process of self-discovery through painting, but also organically bringing about perfection of outer form. 


Founder, Savitri Painting

It was a great joy for me to see how budding artists are easily opening to a deeply symbolic language of the soul by painting the lines from Savitri.  I am convinced that this is an excellent way to come in touch with the transformative power of Savitri.


Manoj Pavitran
Director, Sopanam Movies 

It was wonderful to witness such exquisite paintings from the group. It sharpened my senses to look more closely in all the details and take it to another level if perfection. It was joyful to see all the paintings come alive so beautifully.


Chief Editor, Integral Education Portal

 For any queries, please write to us at

If you wish to further support the growth of Savitri Art, you may offer donations generously from your heart as an offering to help Savitri Art and Artists grow in Auroville and around the world. You may offer the donation here.
Please write “Donation towards Savitri Art” in the description. 


About Savitri Painting

Savitri Painting is a tool for a deep inner transformation that helps one come in touch with their inmost essence through the power of painting, poetry and music.


It is held as a 6-week online course where we bask in the light of Savitri, the joy of colours and sacred music together in a collective space of rich and intimate connections with other seekers on the path.















To learn more about Savitri painting and participate in an upcoming course, visit the link below:

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