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Find your true calling...

A Transformative Online Journey

of Self-Discovery


For Young Seekers of the World


 Upcoming Cohort Launching Soon!

Swadharma 10 Launching soon!

Swadharma is for you if…


You find yourself at a crossroads.

You have taken, or are thinking of taking, a gap year,

You want to change your field of work or study,


You long  to live from your heart.

You long to serve a higher purpose.


You feel that there is a deeper purpose to your life 
than what society has told you.


You can no longer ignore the global crisis that we are facing.


You feel that your personal quest can serve
the awakening of our world.

And you know what? 
The world needs the unique offering of your Swadharma at this time. 


If you have heard the call...

Take a bold step.

Limited seats. Admissions on a rolling basis.

Hear from Our Previous Cohort!

Watch our mini-documentary to explore the essence of this inner adventure. 

Why Swadharma?

The global challenges we face today call for people like you who are capable of creative, holistic and innovative thinking, people who are self-aware, and whose identity is grounded in their relationship to the whole. Overcoming these challenges requires the passionate commitment and engagement of young people.

The Swadharma course is a response to the call for an education for our times. It offers young seekers like yourself the opportunity to embark on a transformative learning adventure with the goal of finding your true calling. We offer Swadharma because we truly believe that helping young people discover who they are and what brings them alive is not only meaningful at an individual level but also essential for building a socially just, environmentally sustainable and consciously awakened future.


What is the

Swadharma Journey?

The course is not  structured in a conventional linear manner, however for ease of understanding, the phases of learning can be understood as follows:


We would be going really deep into the core of Swadharma itself. You would be taking a deep dive to explore and experience and realize what your soul essence, soul force and soul’s work are, and to live them into becoming. 

1. Discover Your Soul Essence

Follow the trails of your inspiration to uncover what your soul really values in life. Identify your soul’s core values and differentiate them from socially inherited values. Go to their source and start living in a way that honours your soul’s essence.


Your soul values are your fuel for growth. They are the doorways to liberate your soul’s force and creative potential which will otherwise remain as a seed. Awakening this seed potential is a step on the way to living your Swadharma.

2. Discover Your Soul Force

As you uncover your soul values and start living in alignment with them, accordingly your soul force will arise from within, giving you authentic inner strength. This force has a fourfold expression in human nature. The dominant force indicates your swabhava—the innate nature and its gifts.


You will discover your swabhava and learn to honour your inner nature. What lies latent deep within the heart has to be brought out into the clear understanding of the mind so that the intelligence and the will can now engage in supporting the inner potential to unfold.

3. Discover Your Soul's Work

You do not exist in isolation, there is a social context and time in which your life and action are unfolding. It is not enough to be in alignment with your soul values and soul force. Your life and action must align and nourish the needs of the larger society. There is a call upon you from within to serve the higher purpose in the world, for which you are an instrument.

Your swadharma will be a natural outcome of this purpose when you offer your life for this work, in alignment with your soul values and soul force. Your swadharma is not a career, but a living radiance of your full potential serving the world. You will explore and identify your true calling or your purpose, at this stage of your life, to serve the world. 

4. Prepare to Take the Leap

While it is possible to find spurts of inspiration now and then, it fades off way too quickly. Every student must learn their own way of nurturing and developing inspired energy into a steady dynamic force. This requires regular daily transformational practices to invoke, contain and flow with the inspired energy. The process will be unique for each individual.


5. Create a Dream Project

After sensing the broad contours of the inner nature and the potential line of development in tune with the inmost truth, you will be engaging in a short project to give outer expression to your inner possibility. This is the testing ground to validate your insights and immerse deeply into the journey of self-discovery and self-creation.


It is only through work that the potentiality becomes actuality, an embodied capacity. This is a lifelong journey and the course provides an initiation to start off on the path. Enhance your communication skills by making presentations, learning to manifest your ideas into reality, and preparing to re-engage with the world from the Swadharma perspective.


6. Post-Course Continuity 

When the course formally ends you are highly encouraged to take up an internship in your city, online or in Auroville to work on real-life projects so that the awakened inspiration and direction of growth can be consolidated through work.  

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Opportunities with the Purnam Community and Auroville

Swadharma is only the starting point of a much more beautiful journey. We welcome all Alumni to volunteer with us to keep the newly kindled fire of action burning and dynamic. We have repeatedly seen that the students who continue engaging with the community through volunteering projects are the ones that more easily sustain the transformation and accelerate their growth. 


We have a vibrant and large network of volunteers who work with us both online as well as in Auroville. Many sincere long-term online volunteers eventually end up joining us at Auroville as well. We're happy to support and aid in this process of post-course integration.

What Swadharma Is Not

Swadharma is not a career counselling course, our focus is to build the whole person in alignment with their true nature and career development is a byproduct.

Swadharma is not a meditative spiritual retreat to renounce the world. It is for the hero warriors who want to transform the world by transforming themselves.

Swadharma is not a therapeutic course. The course is intense and requires good psychological health.

Course Details

A huge benefit of engaging in Swadharma online is the power to create change within the current context of your life, rather than only having a singular transformative experience in Auroville which can be difficult to sustain.

Seekers are welcome to come to Auroville anytime after the course to deepen their experience, and we are also very happy to support/aid the process post-course, for volunteering in Auroville or online.

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Living Your True Calling

This panel discussion is sure to light the fire within you. Some of our dear alumni and core facilitators share how they came to discover and live their true calling—their Swadharma—and how they overcame the challenges along the way.

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